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Maxim Athletic is looking for inspiring stories of athletes, teams and every day people who've overcome adversity, challenges and naysayers to achieve success. Tell us your story or the story of someone you know and if you're story is selected as the story of the month you'll win $500 in Maxim products. You'll also be qualified to win a $5,000 cash prize for Maxim's story of the year.

From time to time we feature the stories of professional athletes. However we are equally interested in stories about youth teams, amateur athletes and teams.

This Weeks Story - JEFF GARCIA- Football Player

Jeff Garcia wasn't recruited after high school. He was told he was too small, that he lacked the speed and strength to play at the college level. After breaking junior college records at Gavilin College he heard the same message from top colleges. After breaking more records at San Jose State the NFL shared the same opinion. As a back up QB in the CFL he finally got his chance and he thrived, again setting records. After 3 years in the CFL he became a back up to Steve Young in San Francisco and when Steve went down Jeff took the helm and never looked back.

Jeff never listened to the naysayers and he worked relentlessly to become a Pro Bowl quarterback. Jeff currently works with young quarterbacks developing their skills while trying to instill his work ethic. He hopes to produce more "Maxim Athletes" athletes who can persevere with commitment, hard work and dedication.

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