Maxim Athletic


To inspire and empower athletes and those with athletic ambitions.


When a vision or goal is fueled with knowledge, an executable plan, discipline and relentless work ethic, success is immanent.


There are no shortage of naysayers who will test our will. From time to time, it may be our own voice telling us we can't. Maxim Athletes ignore the naysayers and stay defiantly focused on the vision while executing the daily plan.


These words can be found on every product we make. Wear it in the gym, on the field or court, or even under your suit at work. It's there to remind us we're Maxim Athletes and we're relentlessly committed to everything we do.


Cut from his high school and junior college baseball teams, Geoff Samuels never stopped believing. He stayed 100% focused on his vision of playing in the Major Leagues. He worked day in and day out to improve as a pitcher. This effort eventually led to a college scholarship. Although Geoff excelled in college, he went undrafted after his senior year. Travelling from one tryout camp to another, Geoff persevered and played two years of Minor League Baseball. Although Geoff didn't make it to the Major Leagues, his passion and belief in the value of hard work lives on in every aspect of Maxim Athletic.


Our vision is to become a true competitor to some of the largest athletic brands ever created. True to our brand; our vision is clear, we're focused on our plan and we're working tirelessly at being the best performing manufacturer in our industry. We're ignoring the naysayers and we're growing every day...