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Basketball Uniforms

Is it Time for New Basketball Uniforms?

While the idea of investing in something like basketball uniforms may not be appealing, there comes a time when your old one just isn't getting the job done anymore. Have they been patched a few times now? Is the elastic starting to stretch out of shape? If so, the time may be here for you to invest in new uniforms for your team. Let us help you make that decision.

Are your Uniforms Outdated?

Does your uniform look more like a throwback than an everyday garb? Does it feature a mascot your team no longer uses? That's one sign that it is time to update to something more modern and attractive.

What’s the Condition Like?

If the condition is far from perfect, you will definitely want to update. Your players will not feel like they are representing a team they are proud of if they don’t like the uniforms.

Do You Have the Sizes You Need?

Have you lost some sizes over time? Do you have kids at different sizes than you used to? It may be easier to replace the entire set with new, modern uniforms than to try to replace the ones that are missing piece meals.

Would it be a Sponsorship Opportunity?

Some teams are able to offset some of the costs of uniforms by including sponsorship information on them. If you can make a good sponsorship connection by printing a new uniform it might be time to check out our custom sports uniform designs.
If the time has come for new basketball uniforms for your high school, middle school, college or rec team, reach out to us at Maxim Athletic today. We offer a number of custom sports uniform designs that are sure to fit the bill for your team. We look forward to working with you!

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