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Football Jerseys

Why Buy Football Jerseys from Maxim Athletic?

There are many places you can go when you’re shopping for football uniforms or football jerseys. So, why should you choose Uniforms Express? We’ve put together a list of five simple reasons that we are the best place to shop for this important investment in your football players.


  • 25 Years of Experience - We aren’t some fly by night company. We’ve been creating uniforms for players around the United States for a quarter of a century. We work with major colleges, rec teams and more.

  • We Have Our Own Factory - We don’t ship in items made elsewhere. We want the ultimate control over quality so we have our own factory. Every product we make is the very best quality imaginable.

  • Design Options - Our team of designers will make sure that your uniforms look exactly like you have envisioned. We want you to love your uniforms on and off the field.

  • We Know Football - We know the sport and will go the extra mile to make sure your football uniforms look great and perform perfectly. A football uniform is different than a baseball uniform, in more than just looks--we know this. Does the competition?

  • Our Free Uniform Challenge - If you can tell us about another company that offers everything that we do, we’ll give you free uniforms. Why? Because there is no one else out there like us.

As you can see, Maxim Athletic is a great resource for all types of sports uniforms. While we love creating football jerseys, we also work with baseball, soccer, softball and other teams too. Check out our website to learn more about how we can make your team look good and hopefully play their best too.

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